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I have had low back pain for as long as I can remember due to a torn disc. I recently fractured my low back which made things much worse. I came and saw Dr Abel and after learning a lot about how muscles and nerves work on low my back and what mine are doing from the Dr. I left his office in no pain. No pain 1st time in forever. I would definitely recommend him. I already have told everyone I know!! 

Rebecca B.

  • "The staff is great. I feel good for an 84 year old. Very good adjustments."
    John S
  • "I've been going to Scott and Sarah for 20 plus years. Even my children started at a young ago. It is hard to find someone you can say you trust. Can't thank them both enough!!"
    Elisha A.
  • "Dr. Sarah and Dr. Scott take the pain away! They figure out the cause and explain why it happened and take it away!"
    Dennis K
  • "Feel great after visit, very cordial and helpful"
    John S.
  • "I truly do not know what I would do without Dr Scott and Dr Sarah for pain management. I have serve scoliosis and born with deformity of the the 5th lumbar. I get so much relief from the headaches from whip lash in 1988.
    Thank you so much Dr Scott and Dr Sarah"
    Elaine J.
  • "I suffer from fibromyalgia and Bi-polar disorder, with the help of acupuncture, adjustments and ear seeds for my depression."
    Karen S
  • "If you suffer from plantar fasciitis as I did, I recommend Abel Chiropractic. After just 3 treatments I am now pain free and I had suffered for over 6 months trying various exercises, massages, etc. Thank You Abel Chiropractic!"
  • "Dr Sarah does a wonderful job. Dr Sarah has made walking easier for me. Lindsey is a wonderful Massage Therapist, she has a wondering knack at finding the sore spots. Thanks Sarah and Lindsey for your great jobs."
    Mary W
  • "I love everything about it. Love my acupuncture sessions and results."
    Lisa R
  • "As a person with chronic asthma, I can speak first hand on the benefits of acupuncture. Dr. Sarah asked if I would be interested in trying acupuncture treatments as I had reoccurring asthma attacks, some requiring visits to the ER; along with additional meds I needed to breath. These meds were necessary but are hard on the body. I am now enjoying a quality of life I never knew could be mine. No more ER runs, no more nebulizing and far fewer costly meds! Thank you, Dr. Sarah"
    -Rita R.


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